Our Products

Designed for Luxury

E.J. & Co Candles is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality candle. In order to fulfill our commitment to quality we only use the highest quality ingredients.

Soy Wax

Our candles are created  from American grown soybeans. A benefit of soy wax is that soy beans are completely renewable unlike the forever shrinking oil reserves used to make paraffin wax.  While sustainability is a major benefit, Our Candles will also burn cleaner and slower than its paraffin wax counterparts, While keeping the air soot and chemical free. 

Fragrance oils

Our oils are Phthalate Free which has been shown to offer a better blend with wax. This seamless blending will give you maximum scent throw and the cleanest burn.

Apothecary Jars and Travel Tins

Our thin-walled apothecary jars are specifically designed to withstand the heat of a candle flame while also keeping the wax well isolated to ensure properly melted wax.

Our Travel Tins are seamlessly designed to make certain there is no leaking. The tin is specially treated to combat a chemical reaction with the was and oils, all while providing a sleek modern look for you to take with you on any adventure.