Quality Control

Quality Control

Each one of our candles are hand crafted. We believe in providing a luxury candle that you would be proud to showcase in your home or office, as well as gifting to a friend. We ensure each candle's quality by putting it through a three step process before being released.

Fragrance Selection

Each frangrace must be unanimously selected by a unique group. This group consist of, E.J. & Co candle crafters, and loyal customers (2+ years of shopping with us). When choosing a scent we weight how it will blend with our current line along with how it will preform in wax. We strive to consistently bring a plethora of unique and exotic candle fragrance to our line each day.


The formula

After 6 years of making candles, E.J. & Co has a very specific formula for crafting the perfect candle. This formula takes into account things such as temperature, wax to fragrance ration, and wick size.This recipe is followed with exactness for each and every candle produced.